Update | August 2, 2022

Version 3.015 August 2, 2022 Fixed issue with profile page google maps style.css js/gmap.js functions.php

Update | March 14, 2022

Version 3.014 March 14, 2022 Fixed caret issue when login/register modal is open on IOS devices Fixed ads per author count Fixed country restriction when adding add through profile page style.css functions.php js/gmap.js

Update | January 7, 2022

Version 3.013 January 7, 2022 Resolved circle image thumbnails when uploading as editor Resolved submit button wrong color on focus Verified and featured icons fixed Move viewport to top of search results while going to next page Resolved single ad page small thumbnails on mobiles functions.php css/main-color.css.php style.css js/custom.js

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